Helpful Tips How To Recover Harddisk Data

A hard disk fails and can lose valuable information falls within the possibilities of every day given that the hard drive may have accidents, errors of various kinds, which has a determined life or something as basic as delete a particular file by accident.

Following some simple recommendations for harde schijf herstellen such as, for example, storage devices away from sources that generate magnetic fields or produce heat or cold, and keep updated the operating system and have an antivirus, with other advice-, you get to extend the life their devices and avoid possible loss of information.


Tips on Hard Drives

Hard drives are devices that need an extensive research and technological development; manufacturers throw their discs to the market after the arduous testing process, resulting in very elaborate and competitive products. The average life cycle of a hard disk is three years, however, 4% of hard drives manufactured, fail in the first year. Here are some series of recommendations to extend the life of your hard drives, and to avoid potential data loss.

Avoid installing and uninstalling programs more than necessary: When you install certain programs, or operating systems can cause data loss. At the time of installing some specific software, you must verify the safety of their origin and consider whether that tool is strictly necessary for our work.

Keep your computer away from sources that generate magnetic fields: If you set your computer too close to magnetic fields can cause data loss on the devices. Not only on hard drives because it also affects other devices such as floppy disks, Zip, Jaz, etc.

Always turn off the computer through the operating system: The logical and physical structures of the hard drive are designed to be turned off from the operating system. Restart the computer with the button “reset” or disconnect any other manually; these actions can cause device failure.


Place over-voltage limiters and power stabilizers. Even with the equipment properly off, fluctuations in the supply voltage can affect your hard drive and cause data loss.

Keep you’re away from sources that radiate heat or cool team: Temperature variations are one of the leading reasons affecting the operation of the hard disk, causing data loss. The teams are affected by elements and atmospheric factors. It is advisable to place the equipment in clean and cool environments.

Make sure the equipment is operated in the same position where the hard drive was formatted (vertical or horizontal), will benefit the performance of your device.

Install Antivirus: Computer viruses often cause errors in the system and can affect the proper operation of the equipment. Update your antivirus as often as possible. Try to analyze all new files with antivirus, regardless of their origin, with particular emphasis on files downloaded from the Internet.

Backup: This way you can free up your hard disk information and improve their performance.

Recommendations on Portable Devices

Along with the safe practices mentioned in other sections, then here some specific recommendations for portable devices that help prevent data loss and harm to your laptop or external hard drive.

Don’t block the air vents of your computer,  especially if your computer is portable, as being designed for wireless use can lead to use in on – rigid or share space with other objects that clog the ventilation surfaces. Try to keep the exits well ventilated and watched the fans are functioning properly. A lack of dissipation can cause irreparable damage to your computer and hard drive.

Avoid bumps and drops: 

Exercise caution when using other power sources for laptop: 

Remember to disconnect external devices unit safely. Extracting your mp3, flash drive, external hard drive, etc. safely, you are avoiding data loss and damage to your device.

Recommendations on Data Loss

If you loss your important data, recommend a series of steps that allow you to act appropriately in order not to aggravate the problem. If in doubt, contact Recovery Labs, we will be happy to assist you.

Keep Calm.

When data loss occurs, your best ally is calm.

Shut down your computer; any manipulation would increase risks to retrieve the stored information.

Do Not Use Homemade Tools.

Reinstalling any operating system could rewrite on your hard disk, helping their damaged data.

Do Not Remove The Hard Drive.

A disc only opened with advanced technological means that only technology can offer a specialized company. Make sure the company you go you have a clean room. Only it is possible to manipulate its support with maximum safety and the best conditions.

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If you are using software data recovery, make sure it is valid for your problem, as there is always software is effective to recover data in all cases of lost files and before a complicated case can worsen the situation of your hard damaged.

Only one company specializing in data recovery services can offer maximum guarantees of recovery. Avoid handling third party risks save time and money.

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