Anyone can be a Leader, even your Child

Everyone wants to be a leader or at least act like one. By leader it doesn’t mean that you have to be in politics. You can be a leader in your team, you can be a leader of your school, you can be a leader of your class, you can be a leader to yourself.

Leader is someone who takes initiative at doing things. Leader is someone who makes things happen as he/she wants them to. Leader is someone who guides and helps others.

It should not matter how big or small a leader you are. You should first be a leader to yourself before you can be a leader to the outside world.

Being a leader to yourself is not only tough, but it is the fundamental quality that will differentiate you from the rest and take you leap and bounds ahead.

It does not matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert. These things come to play only when you decide to be a leader for the masses. But before that you have to introspect yourself, to find the leader in yourself.

There is just one core aspect in becoming a leader, taking the initiative.

Take the initiative to do things yourself, to act on your desire for making things happen in your life. You have to set an example for yourself in doing things that you can do and learn to do things that you expect others to do.

Start with yourself. If a tap is leaking, instead of just complaining, you can either fix it yourself or call a plumber to fix it. Do not just go complaining about it and waiting for someone else to call the plumber or fix it. Take the initiative. Fix it yourself or get help to fix it.

That’s what leadership is all about.

If you are a parent, you can help you child in developing leadership skills early. If you have been brought up differently, does not mean that your child should lack the basic leadership qualities.

Do not discourage them from doing things you would have not done as a child. Help them to help themselves. If your child wants to do something constructive on his/her own, let him/her do it under your supervision. Participate in their activity to encourage them. Appreciate them when they try to accomplish something on their own.

Not only will you be building self confidence in them, you will also feel proud on their achievements. Making them do small tasks themselves will help them build a better future. Even if they fail at times do not discourage them. Instead make them understand why they failed at a task. Make them learn to do it again and finish it.

Taking an initiative and being a leader can give you a learning experience that you will never get by complaining or letting someone else take the initiative. It will not only help you in your personal growth, but you will also be in a better position to help others and inspire them to be leaders in their own spheres.