Die Another Day

Our mind wants us to believe, what it perceives to be true, either based on facts or fiction. It can bend the truth in our favor or falsely justify things to make us believe in something that doesn’t seem right. The true psychic powers of the mind are still not known to man as science still struggles to unravel the mysteries of our thoughts and how correct is its capability of imagining stuff in the right way.

It all depends from one person to another. For some, a psychic perception could just be an imagination of ones mind, for others it might hold so good that they start believing in it. This debate can go on with both sides citing their own facts and opinions. Apart from who’s wrong or right, what we have to understand is that we have to shut out the negative energy and soak only the positive things that matter to us.

The power of belief has unlimited potential. This can either make us or break us. We have to be wise enough in choosing, how true is the thing we truly believe in. Our self belief serves as the foundation of the things that we do everyday. This self belief leads to actions in the real world. If we believe we can’t do a certain task we won’t be able to do it. If we believe by doing something we are going to invoke a reaction that is not going to be good for us, we simply stop or change directions.

It takes courage and a conscious effort to come out of a negative psychic feeling. I could have avoided the road trip by simply postponing it to get out of the situation, to avoid what my mind made me believe (about me dying in a road accident). To overcome this negativity, I had to make a sincere conscious effort to regain control of my beliefs. I knew, I would become more worried and miserable if I didn’t come out of this on top. Keep doing the right thing and die another day.

You have to rediscover the power of self belief whenever you face a similar situation. This self belief can make you lift mountains, make you do impossible tasks and help you grow and glow as a human. You shouldn’t worry whether you have psychic powers or not. You need not worry about luck or fate. What you should do is make an effort to believe in yourself that what you are going to do is the right thing and that this action is a step forward and not backward.

If you are stuck at some task, you can only finish it by making an effort to do it. You might complete it by finding another way or by simply putting in a reinforced effort. What matters in the end is that you went through with it and finished it off. There is no other feeling like that of accomplishing a goal or a task.

Remember: The real psychic power is in making a conscious effort to take the right decision and act on it with self belief.