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Although we had a whirlwind travel schedule all over PA the past two weeks, one gathering really sticks out in my mind. This year was our 3rd year hosting a Christmas Day brunch for our families in Pittsburgh. Our families get along beautifully, and it is really cool to see…Considering we are about to tie the knot soon This year we had 14 people for brunch, and it is easily becoming one of my favorite annual traditions!

Each year the menu varies slightly, and this year was all about simplicity! We didn’t have much time to grocery shop and prep before Christmas morning so I needed 2 dishes that were easy to prep and didn’t require me standing over the oven or stove. This blueberry maple baked oatmeal was a no-brainer, but I was on the hunt for an easy egg dish that was slightly more sophisticated than scrambled eggs.

The result was a beautiful looking frittata that people actually raved about! I wasn’t able to try it because it had half & half and cheese in it, but with after seeing how easy it was to make and more than one compliment, I knew I wanted to try and make a dairy-free frittata once we got home.

I love the frittata as a quick option if you are low on time in the morning and need to grab something and go as well as a nice variation on the typical over-easy or scrambled egg. If you are looking for a dairy-free, vegetable frittata, here is the recipe for the one I made this morning. Let me know what you think if you try it!

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