How to catch the time?

Time is running out fast. It’s already 5 days into the New Year. How do you catch time? It’s not easy but can be done if you plan well and stick to it. That’s how I was able to do another update of this site making it easier for you to find things on this site.

Another thing I will be starting this week is that from now on in addition to regular tips under different categories, I will be focusing on the ‘Theme of Week’. There will be more tips and articles related to the theme being highlighted for the whole week. You will be able to see some topics from the past on the Home page that you might have missed or forgotten. With some good Time Management Tips you can kick start your new year on the right foot.

Keep yourself posted with RSS or Email subscription as my revision of the website is almost over and I will be focusing on providing you with tips on a wide range of topics. Wooops… It’s time to catch the time :)