Incredibles Kid Birthday Party Idea

´╗┐Incredibles Kid Birthday Party Idea

Mr. Incredible and Elastiwoman to the Rescue.
The Incredibles based on the hit Disney movie has become a favorite fun kid birthday party theme.
The Incredibles Invitations
Have fun creating a “top secret” message as your Incredibles child birthday party theme invitation.
You might say something like this. “Calling all superheros… The Incredibles need your help!”
“You’re invited to help Mr. Incredible and Elastiwoman protect our city from the evil villain, “syndrom” at (insert the first and last name of your birthday child)’s birthday party… And we’re celebrating with The Incredibles.” “The superhero birthday action begins on (date of party).”
“Our superhero birthday party location is top secret and will be known only to our superhero guests… Only by holding this invitation up and facing it toward a mirror will you be able to decode this secret address message.”
(Write the address backwards on the invitation so it will appear correctly when held up to a mirror).
“Our superhero birthday party fun begins at (time) and will end at (time).”
“Superhero refreshments will be served.”
“All superhero party guests are requested to RSVP using the secret telephone number known only to our invited superhero guests.(phone number)”
“Every party guest wearing an Incredibles costume will be given a special secret party favor.”
Have fun and be creative with your invitation. Your guests will quickly get the idea that this party is going to be special. They won’t be able to wait for your birthday party!
The Incredibles Decorations
Yellow, red and black are the main colors for The Incredibles.
Get your Incredibles birthday party theme started right.
Decorate with yellow, red and black balloons, and crepe paper… Put “superhero” signs all over the place. Next to your telephone put a sign that reads “telephone for superheros only.” On the door to the restroom put up a sign that reads, “Superhero Restroom.”
Have fun, be creative, it’s an Incredibles superhero party!
On your front door, attach yellow, red and black balloons and a sign that reads “Secret Location, (name of your birthday child)’s Incredibles, superhero birthday party.”
Incredibles Birthday Party Theme Costumes
Costumes are a great way to get everyone into your Incredibles birthday party theme.
There are excellent online party stores and costume stores where you’ll find a great selection of costumes including The Incredibles…
Or you can try putting together your own costume… Using yellow, red and black as your main colors, put together your own creative version of Mr. Incredible or Elastiwoman.
Say Cheese
Remember your camera, digital camera and video camera… You’re going to want to take lots of pictures and video of your birthday child and all their friends in costume. You’ll want to remember how everyone looked in their Incredibles birthday party theme costumes.
Get Your Incredibles Party Started Right
You want to start your party as soon as the first guest arrives… Don’t sit around waiting for everyone else, start having fun.
Have a large glass or glass jar filled with yellow and red jelly beans and tell each guest to use their superhero X-Ray vision to guess how many jelly beans are in the jar…
Write everyone’s name on one piece of paper and put their guess next to their name… Then just before your party ends, announce the superhero guest with the best X-Ray vision. (whoever guessed closest to the actual number of jelly beans in the jar wins.)
And remember to actually count the number of jelly beans you put in the jar before your birthday party begins… Then write the actual number on a piece of paper and put that piece of paper somewhere safe and where you can easily get to it.
The Incredibles Movie And CD Fun
Set your Incredibles birthday party theme right away by having The Incredibles movie DVD or video playing on your TV as your guests arrive. (You can turn the sound down low or off)… You can also surprise your birthday child by announcing that The Incredibles DVD or video is one of their birthday gifts…
For music during your birthday party games and activities, play The Incredibles movie soundtrack CD. This is an excellent way to keep your Incredibles birthday party theme going… You can also make the CD a gift for your birthday child.
The Incredibles Coloring Book
Depending on the age of your group, you can pick up an Incredibles coloring book and some small boxes of crayons… Take pages out of the coloring book and let your party guests choose pages to color… This is also a fairly quiet activity.
The Incredibles Puzzle
Kids love puzzles and what better way for your guests to get to know each other than working on a puzzle together… Having a puzzle that fits your Incredibles birthday party theme is an added bonus.
The Incredibles Superhero Food and Drink
Even The Incredibles superheros need to replenish their energy after a long day of saving the world from the villainous “Syndrom.”
Consider these fun superhero foods
How about a “superhero sandwich?” Let each guest build their own (super) hero sandwich… Keep it simple and put fun superhero labels on everything.
“Power Bread”
“More Power Mustard”
“Red Energy Sauce” (ketchup)
“Power Pickles”
“Total Energy Turkey”
“Super-Sauce Mayo”
“Mr. Incredible Celery”
“Elastiwoman Cheese Slices”
“Raw Energy Raisins”
“Power Packed Carrot Sticks”
The Incredibles Superhero Energy Drinks
Try mixing Ginger Ale with cherry ice cream for a colorful superhero drink.
Punch can be re-named “The Incredibles Super Sauce”
For a fun and creative drink project, let your party guests mix three different and colorful Cool Aid drinks and Ginger Ale into their very own superhero drink… Cherry and Lime anyone?
For extra fizz, let them add pop-rocks…
Your Incredibles birthday party theme is going to be a big hit!