Making Personalized Birthday Party Invitations

Making Personalized Birthday Party Invitations

Whether you are inviting close family members, extended family members, or even your friends to your very own birthday party then chances are that you’ll want to let them know in a creative and fun way that you are going to hold a birthday party! There are many ways to do this, ranging from calling them on the phone and letting them know personally all the way to sending out actual birthday party invitations with an RSVP card and everything. Suffice it to say that there are plenty of ways to create your own birthday party invitations. Here are a few extra special and creative ways, though, to make sure that everyone knows about you special day!

Ring, Ring, Ring!

As mentioned, one of the ways in which you can let everyone know about your birthday party is through a phone call. However, the manner in which you do this is the way in which it can be turned into a creative announcement. For example, speaking to everyone you would like to invite individually can be fun, but a more fun way to announce your birthday party is through phone call announcements.

For example, the first step to creating your phone call birthday announcements is by recording yourself on a recorder. You can make a short announcement about your birthday party or you could make up another creative script that tells about your birthday party. You’ll want to make sure that you include all the pertinent information, such as where it will be held, what time, as well as what to get you for your birthday gift! These phone call announcements sure will be cute, fun, and a good time for your guests to hear!

Email Birthday Party Invitations

This is another unique way to announce that you are going to hold a birthday party for yourself! You could either write out a regular email to all your family and friends that you’re going to invite or you could do this in another creative way. For example, sending out Happy Birthday e-cards to everyone is a cute idea to announce that it’s going to be your birthday and that you are going to throw yourself a great birthday party! As with the phone birthday invitations you’ll want to include all of the same information like where it’ll be and what to bring, if anything.

When sending out email birthday announcements and e-cards you always have the option of being more creative than just telling people over the phone when your big day will be! Not only that, but they are fun methods, too!

Of course, the tried and true method of announcing your birthday party is always still available; however, many people nowadays seem to think this way is boring. Also, by following the suggestions above just think about how many trees you’ll be saving! Nevertheless, making phone birthday party invitations or announcing it by email are two great ways to let your family and friends in on the fun!

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