The in’s and out’s of orchestrating a stag weekend

The in’s and out’s of orchestrating a stag weekend

Stag parties come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s fair to say that no two stag weekends are ever the same (not that you would want them to be anyway!). That said, there’s a common theme among great stag weekends – organisation and planning! The first step in planning is to collect a few ideas for the stag party, do your research and have a chat with the stag and any other key people who’ll be attending the stag party for ideas. Have a search on google for “stag weekends” and it ought to bring you up a few sites with possible ideas.

The key things you need to consider when coordinating a stag party are: 1/. Where you’ll be going, 2/.The type of accommodation you’re after, 3/. The activities you would like to do during the day – e.g. go karting, paintballing, quad bike racing, clay pigeon shooting, 4/. What you would like to do in the night , for example clubs, pubs and restaurants and finally 5/. How you are going to stitch up the groom. Below are some ideas you may like to consider during the stag party coordinating process……….

Stag Party Ideas: Destinations
Well now, what do you fancy? Other than the obligatory drinking and ogling at the local ladies, do you fancy a beach stag party, or a town stag party? UK or abroad? Cultured or are you extra into a happening nightlife? Frequently the number of options can be totally bewildering, so it is a great idea to speak to a professional stag party organiser – there are loads out there but look for ones that don’t look like they are run from a bedroom, and are members of the relevant association for example ABTA to ensure they are reputable. Some of the main companies are, and, so have a look at those website and give one of their specialists a call.

Stag Party Ideas: Accommodation
First things first, are you searching for five star luxury, or ready to rough it in extra budget-friendly accommodation? Some hostels welcome stag weekends these days, going out of their way to provide destination information, 24 hour bars, no curfews and some great value dorm and private rooms. Check out the free groups booking service for ideas on hostels and budget hotels in the UK. Alternatively you may wish to splash it up a bit and treat yourselves to a night or two somewhere plush – have a wide variety of stag party ideas for you with 4* & 5* accommodation in all Britain’s significant stag party destinations.

Stag Party Activities:
No stag party is complete without some activities during the day. There is a significant amount out there and you ought to have a look at some of the stag party organiser websites mentioned above to gain some inspiration. It is recommend that you do something where all the group can compete together and get so know each other, so things like go karting, paintballing, clay pigeon shooting, and quad bike racing are ideal.

Stay Party Stitch Up’s
Perhaps the most fun element of the stag party for all but the groom…the stag stitch up! Whether you’re coordinating on shaving his eyebrows, to stripping him naked, locking him in a box and sending him first class to Siberia – the possibilities are endless and you’ll have a great time dreaming them up!

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